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What was that? I thought HRLF raised cattle--that sure looked like a goat...

We raise other types of rare and endangered "heritage" livestock on Hudson River Landing Farm.

You are correct.  Other old-breed heritage animals with broad gene pools call HRLF home.  Depending on the time of year, you may find heritage goats (Oberhasli, fainting goats), heritage turkeys (royal palm), heritage chickens, and even antique tail dragger airplanes.  

Goats really make a lot of sense and, like agriforesty, can boost the yield of both the cattle and the goats.  Even though Pineywoods eat many more types of vegetation than domestic beef breeds there is a limit!  They really don’t like blackberry, cherry trees, pokeberry, and other weeds.  

Goats, however, prefer these weeds.  By eating the vines that the cattle don’t like, goats help to keep the pastures open and increase the amount of grass.  We think that this type of agriculture just makes good sense and eliminates the need for herbicides.  If you like goat or turkey meat just ask – we may be able to help.  

We specialize in Chevon (young goat meat) similar to veal but with more texture and flavor and very low fat.

In addition to goats, we also have exotic chickens and are considering Choctaw or Marsh Tacky ponies (both a landrace of Spanish horse).

Oberhasli goats (tan) and Mr. Ken, a white Alpine cross

Ferdinand (a golden polish rooster) says ...
"PLEASE eat more Pineywoods beef..."

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