Hudson River Landing Farm
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Click on the links below to learn more about Pineywoods Cattle, heritage livestock, and sustainable agriculture.

What are Pineywoods Cattle?

How Do I Cook Natural Forage Beef?

What is Agriforestry (silviculture)?

Why don't you raise wheat or corn on Hudson River Landing Farm?

I have heard that eating rare meat and beef can lead to mad cow disease and other serious illness.

Why do you charge a premium above market price for your animals?

What was that? I thought HRLF raised cattle--that sure looked like a goat...

I want to raise Pineywoods -- can I buy some animal?

Pineywoods cattle thinking seriously about farm management.

Ghengis (a Broadus bull) supposes...
... his toses are roses but Ghenghis supposes erroneously

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